STEP 3. Russian trains: Buying train (or bus) tickets online

The next stage in organizing your trip to Russia will be buying tickets online for Russian long-distance trains, because you’re very likely to use this means of transportation to travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg or for other Russian cities.

The truth is that the best way to travel between different Russian cities is by train. In Russia the trains are very safe (I would say the safest means of transportation) and quite cheap, considering the long distances they travel.

In this section of the blog I’ll explain everything about Russian trains:

1. How to buy Russian train tickets online
2. How to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg
3. How to travel from Helsinki to St. Petersburg
4. What services do train stations offer (luggage storage, Wi-Fi, etc.).

I also explain how to travel by bus in Russia in case you want to opt for this means of transportation or if it’s worth renting a car to travel in Russia.